Christina Kuehler, Colorful Houston.

My name is Christina O. Kuehler, a Houston resident of over twenty years and a self-taught artist. I enjoy painting with acrylics due to their rich color and the ease of blending colors and precise lines. My personal style is inspired by our city's urban landscape, its diverse culture and the simple beauty of our environment. I love creating art that reminds me of great moments like running along Buffalo Bayou, a concert at Fitzgerald's, or the Houston skyline. Houston has whatever you are looking for...if you choose to look.

With my early experience as a buyer for Foley's, it was a natural progression to create merchandise based on my images. T-shirts, cards, prints, pillows and bags have been created featuring my original artwork. Art is a labor of love and I love to have an image reimagined in new ways. Hello Lucky and The LIFT in the Heights carry many of my products. You can also find the merchandise in my online store.

For events and to see my new creations, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. For commissioned paintings or products please use the contact form below.

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